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"Super Star 2: Teacher's Book" is an exciting new three-level course specially researched and written for young learners in Beginner, Elementary and Pre-Intermediate levels. Each level is divided into 8-topic-related-cycles. There is also an ongoing story, divided into eight episodes, which will not only capture students interest, but will also motivate them, too. Each level also contains several memorable songs which students will enjoy listening to and singing. Each of the eight cycles contains: 5 stimulating two-page lessons designed to be simple to use and easy to teach; a carefully structured review which checks students' progress; a topic-related project/writing activity; an exciting episode of the ongoing story. Each level of the " Super Star 2: Teacher's Book" series also contains plays which practise and consolidate the vocabulary and grammar taught at each level. Students will gain a great sense of achievement by performing these plays for parents and friends. Supplementary workbooks, teachers books, test books and cassettes are also available.
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