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finefun children smart watch sos alarm gps positioning support sim card is compatible with ios android to give children gifts купить по лучшей цене

Features Real Time Two Way Communication Get in touch with your child anytime anywhere. Can be called only by the number you set before. Dual Way Control You can control the smart watch by phone or GRPS service platform on your computer. Get the detailed position of your child, no need to worry any more. GPS+Wi-Fi+Base Station+Inertial Navigation Positioning Get the detail position of your child at anytime anywhere accurately and precisely. Sleep Monitoring Reporting the sleeping status recorded by the turning overs of the device. Electronic Fencing You can set up an area on the map which is safe for you kid. Once he is out of this area, the smart watch would send alert to you. Specification Material Environmental Material and Resin Band Battery 250mAh Calling Time 3 hours Compatible Android and iOS phones Language English Phone Card SIM card Positioning System GPS, Wi-Fi, GSM Base Station, Inertial Navigation
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