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effect of information and communication technology on research and development activities купить по лучшей цене

The research in education is undertaken to improve the existing educational process. The dynamic school science programmes need continuous feedback through relevant research in science education, and in this direction we have to go a long way. The National Science Teachers’ Association (1982) has stated some fundamental objectives of science teaching as (i) to provide scientific and technological knowledge. (ii) to use skills and knowledge of science and technology as they apply to personal and social needs. (iii) to enhance the development of attitudes values and appreciation of science and technology. (iv) to study the interaction among science –technology-society in the context of science-related societal issues These objectives can only he achieve by proper teaching. At the elementary level, different studies have fixed that the science curriculum improvement study helps students to better identify variables (Allen, 1973) and to better analyzed experiments and name variables (Boyer and Linn 1978). Ostlund (1992) has established link between experimental instructional strategies and improvements in science process skills. Students having positive attitude towards leaning a
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