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This study aimed at examining the role and perceived potential of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in early childhood education in Kumasi Metropolis. With this broad aim, the study sought to find the kind of ICT devices which are available, how these ICTs are used to support teaching and learning, and how teachers and head teachers perceived the potential of ICT in early childhood education. The sample consisted of 100 teachers and 50 headteachers from 50 early childhood centres in the metropolis. Data was collected by the use of questionnaire and interview guides. The results showed that some ICT equipments are available at the early childhood centres, however, the number is very low. The study also showed that these ICT devices available are used to support teaching and learning in a number of ways. Findings revealed no differences teachers and head teachers with respect to how they perceive the potential of ICT in early childhood education (ECE). It was concluded that though there are some ICT equipments available at early childhood centres, it is woefully inadequate. It was recommended teachers as well headteachers should be well trained in the use of ICT in ECE.
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