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Critical Acclaim for ADENAUER «A gripping narrative . . . brings to life an intriguing historical figure . . . an enthralling perspective on the processes that shaped the postwar world.» –Daily Telegraph (London) «Charts the ironies of Adenauer's complicated life. This is the story of a marathon man, but it is narrated at the pace of a sprinter and with the elegance of a hurdler.»–The Times (London) «Lucid and engaging. This is a well-researched and elegantly written volume which deserves a wider readership than the purely political.»–The Herald (Glasgow) «A highly readable, thoroughly reliable, intelligently critical life-and-times. . . . This portrait does justice to a man who is often invoked as a prophet of a United States of Europe, but who was in truth the greatest of German patriots.»–Literary Review (London) «Well-researched and admirably written . . . reveals Adenauer the man–with all his authority and strength, his persistence and endurance, and his streak of ruthlessness and political cunning.»–The Independent (London) THE LAST GREAT FRENCHMAN «Knowledgeable, lucid . . . the best English biography of de Gaulle.»–The New York Times Book Review «Charles Williams has matched a great subject by something near to a great book.»–Daily Telegraph (London)

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