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Vera van Alst has been invited to lunch at Summerlea, a grand summer 'getaway home' of the Kauffman family. This property is what's left of the holdings of the grand old family of robber barons (steel money meets railway money meets shipping money). The last of the Kauffman line (a serious collector of books, art, fine wines and more) had died recently after running through quite a bit of his inheritance. His heir, stepson Chadwick, is offering Vera a very good price on a fine collection of Ngaio Marsh first editions. She is salivating. The heir is planning to divest himself of stepfather's collections and focus on his business interests, especially his exclusive country club. Vera grumbles, on general principle, but can't resist the invitation. The collection is being made available under the table, cash only. That's his only stipulation. Jordan is thrilled. Ngaio Marsh firsts are hard to come by and Jordan is reading her own little collection of mass market repeats and loving the elegance of Marsh's world and its innate snobbishness. The lunch goes well and Vera agrees to a price. The next day, they are shocked to read that Chadwick was killed in an accident right after meeting with them. However, the picture in the paper is of a different man. It soon becomes clear that they are victims of a scam, and, worse, they are being framed for the real Chadwick's murder.

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