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Celebrated worldwide for her five masterly novels, Carson McCullers was equally accomplished, and equally moving, when writing in shorter forms. This Library of America volume, published to celebrate McCullers's centenary (February 19, 2017), brings together for the first time her less well known but no less remarkable stories, plays, essays, memoirs, and poems. McCullers began as a writer of short stories, collected here complete for the first time: from "Wunderkind" (1936)--the tragicomic tale of a piano prodigy, published in Story magazine when she was just nineteen-to her final published work of fiction, the previously uncollected civil-rights allegory "The March" (1967). McCullers's play The Member of the Wedding (1950), adapted from her 1946 novel at the urging of her close friend Tennessee Williams, is, like Thornton Wilder's Our Town, a great American poem for the stage. At its center is tomboy Frankie Addams, a motherless adolescent neglected by her father and utterly bored with life in small-town Georgia until romantic longing is ignited by gossip surrounding her older brother's wedding. Completing her work as a playwright are "The Invisible Wall," a previously unpublished 1953 teleplay based on her much-anthologized story "The Sojourner," and the long out-of-print The Square Root of Wonderful, her neglected Broadway comedy of 1958. The volume is rounded out by twenty-two essays, five poems, and "Illumination and Night Glare," McCullers's unfinished autobiography, previously published in a scholarly edition in 1999, here newly edited for the general reader by leading McCullers scholar Carlos L. Dews.

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