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Detailed theoretical treatments and model calculations, for describing the dynamics of interaction in the presence of a monochromatic electromagnetic field (laser field) between species and solid surface in the scattering and chemisorption processes have been developed. For the scattering process, one-electron Hamiltonian formalism is used to describe the surface-ion charge exchange mechanism in the presence of laser field where suitable combination of the species beam and laser radiation parameters are used. In our treatment, the laser beam has two controllable parameters, these are laser frequency and laser coupling strength. Our applications ensure that the species charge state can be controlled by the laser field. Our theoretical treatment for the scattering process in the presence of laser field and the well known Anderson model for atomic chemisorption are our basis in deriving our theoretical treatment in the case of species chemisorption on solid surface in the presence of laser field. From our results, one can conclude that the laser field is a tool of ionization and desorption, which is experimentally the truth.
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