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coffee machine semi automatic home small american style drip type mini coffee pot купить по лучшей цене

Description: Semi-automatic Mini Hand Drill Chuck Clamping 0.3-4.0mm Reamer Pin Hole Hand Drill Hand Manual Drill Here's a video to show the drill in details. Specification: Material: Aluminium Alloy Length: 210mm Diameter of hand drill: 11.5mm Color: Silver Chuck Clamping Range: 0.3-4.0mm High precision, can clip 0.3 -4.0mm drill bit. Features: -For aluminum hand drill hobby. -Mini wood hand drill chuck for jewelry tool micro twist bit. -Precise, accurate and efficient. -Suitable for wood, plastic,rubber,model and others material to drilling hole. -Do not fit steel, iron, stone, such hard things. -Perfect for drilling wood,Jin Gang,linden,horn,amber,olive, walnut, plastic and other materials. Operating skills: Positioning firstly when to punch the smooth objects When to punch the harder objects, make a hole with a small drill, then expanded with a large. Package Included: 1 x Hand Drill 1 x Key Wrench 10 x Twist Drills More Details:
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