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Description: XIDEJIAN 300ml Travel Portable ABS Outdoor Bidet For Man Women Kids Cleaning Device Specification: Brand: XIDEJIAN Material: ABS, EVA Model: BP30 Capacity: about 300ml Installation type: Color: white and purple Size: about 65x225mm Package size: about 75x70x160mm Washing: disinfection water immersion or warm water immersion For: pregnant woman, baby, office worker, hemorrhoids patients, man, traveller Features: 1.60 degree angle nozzle meets the principles of human engineering and easy to clean. Please note that no insert the nozzle into the body. 2.Fill cleaning or warm water. The capacity is about 300ml then screw tight the nozzle. Water temperature is recommend to not higher than 60 degree celsius. 3. When washing, use your forefinger to press the Valve bore and the nozzle aim at the part you want to wash. Open your forefinger and squeeze the bottle than you can start to wash. Package Included: 1xManual Operation Bidet Details pictures:
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