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Video This super cute Astronaut LED Night Light will light up your bedroom or work space as soon as you flick his visor up. No external power supply is needed, just simply turn on your laptop/PC or plug it into USB hub to power the night light. Flexible neck allows you to position the fly light anywhere you wish. Ideal bedroom lighting for you, your baby, kids and children. Creative LED Night Light Specially designed for laptop, notebook or reading as a night light. Let the little space explorer accompany you when you type or read in dark. Flexible Neck Can be adjusted to different angles to brighten desired areas. Used as a laptop, PC lamp, and also available for book reading, study, etc. Cute On-Off Detail The spaceman's visor is the switch, flip the mini visor to on or off. Push the visor, hear a "click" and light turn on; close it and light turn off. Plug and Play USB powered. Charge it with pc, USB adapter, power bank and other power device which has USB port. Eco-friendly and Low Consumption Does not contain mercury, tungsten, UV light, radiation, or noise. Small Size Occupy little space. Portable for travel, business trip, office work. Usage Tip: Due to low wattage and consumption, the LED light is merely suitable for using as a night light, use as high light desk lamp is not appropriate. Specifications Material ABS+PC Wattage Approx. 0.5W Powered By USB (Adapters are not included) Input DC 5V 500mA Color White Weight 50g Size 6 x 4 x 7 cm
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