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The pizza cutter is the best way to cut a pizza into the desired shape. When cutting a pizza with a traditional knife, it can drag the cheese and other toppings off the crust. When cutting with a pizza cutter, the rolling or slicing motion used cuts through the crust without damaging the structure of the pizza. Good Quality Stainless steel material can be stable and durable, anti-corrosion and non deformation. Non-stick Surface uses advanced non-stick plating technology to reduce fat absorption effectively. Useful Reliable at cutting any type of pizza toppings,such as Chicken, mushroom, vegetables, beef, cheese and any other toppings. Safe and easy to use to slice your favorite pizza instantly,strong and not easy to brake at pressure,easy to clean, Engineered with a perfect design and light weight. Note Wash it after using and keeping it in dry place, it's good for maintaining. Specifications Type Pizza Tools Size 20 × 7.5cm Diameter 6.5cm Pizza Tools Type Pizza Cutters & Wheels Material Stainless Steel Packing Including 1 piece pizza cutter

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