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bx120 2ca steel strain gauge and steel strain gauge купить по лучшей цене

This book presents complete and detailed analysis concern elastomers. Some details are given on manufacturing of filled rubber samples, how to perform experimental investigations under different loading conditions, including monotonic and cyclic loadings. Constitutive modeling to model the behaviour of the rubbery materials subjected to a wide range of strain, strain rate, and multiple deformation modes are also presented. To figure out this, a study of modeling of large strain and non-linear viscoelastic behaviour is presented using the available hyperelastic models. The numerical analyses were achieved using the boundary elements method. This book is divided into eight chapters. Chapter 1 is an introductory chapter, chapter 2 presents a historical review of the works in this field. Finite strain or large deformation continuum mechanics has been reported in chapter 3. Chapter 4 presents the theoretical background of the visco-hyperelastic constitutive theories. Chapter 5 presents the numerical analysis using the boundary element methods. Chapter 6 presents a detailed experimental work performed on different types of rubbers. Results & conclusions are presented in chapter 7 & 8.
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