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bx120 2ca steel strain gauge and steel strain gauge купить по лучшей цене

Solar powered digital tire gauge - comfortable hand-held solar powered tire gauge. Car gadget tire gauge with a digital LCD display and a built in solar panel for recharging the built in lithium batteries. This Eco-friendly solar powered car accessory is a perfect way not only to extend your car tires life span but as a safety device to see if the tire is at dangerously low level. Off the backlight LCD screen settings can be selected and seen and with the built in extendable depth ruler checking the tire tread is fast and easy. This multi-tool digital tire gauge is a great idea for keeping your car and tires in good order and at the same time helping preserve the environment. - High-tech solar power board supplies enough power no need extra power! - Automatic shut-off - LED screen display - Four units with PSI Kpa Bar kg/cm2 your choose - Use in any conditions - day or night - A bright LED light special for night - Digital readings up to 99.5 PSI - Save gas and extend tire life with correct pressure - Little investment save much more money - Perfect for autos suvs light trucks motorcycles car etc - A 2cm metal bar (extendable)is available for let out extra gas - Pressure range: 2-150PSI - Accuracy: +/-0.1 PSI
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