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Malarial Parasites (MPs) cost life and property every year in significant epidemiological purviews in malaria endemic regions. Treatments of malaria largely follow some traditionally predefined Clinical symptoms, resulting into very lower positive predictive value (ppv) of the tool. The treatment failure cases in malaria accrue from a combination of some undue intervening factors among which very poor entertainment of proper diagnosis with Microscopy of blood samples is very concerning to Roll Back Malaria control strategy of WHO. In this work, blood samples from malarial symptomatic patients were screened through RDT and Microscopy. The incidences of mono infections, and mixed infections of the species of the genus Plasmodium have been analysed by using the two diagnostic tools for malarial infections. This study envisaged on the comparative incidences of MPs between different host and parasite species groups. The inferences on prevalence status of MPs implied here, will hopefully offer an initial base for future workers in tracing out the effectiveness of the curative and preventive interventions applied during the period of 2005-2010 in some malaria endemic areas of Bangladesh
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