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benro a38td foot aluminum alloy slr camera videotape alone racks one horned portable triangle frame free shipping купить по лучшей цене

Able to hold up to 39.7 lb and extend to 64", the Benro Monopod is a versatile camera support thanks to its base which provides three solid points of contact with the ground. The base acts like a mini tripod, and its ball joint allows you to smoothly pan and tilt your camera. If using a pan head on the monopod, the base's ball joint can be locked so that you can pan with the head independently, or you can replace the base with the included rubber foot. The four leg sections are secured by twist locks, and it folds down to 21.3" for transport. Features 3 Leg Folding Base Heavy duty support with pan cartridge for smooth and stable shorts, folds up for compact travel. Closed-Cell Foam Hand Grip A thick layer of closed-cell NBR provides a comfortable yet firm grip when carrying your Benro monopod, also includes hand strap for extra security. Twist Lock Legs and Anti-Rotation Leg System Monopod height can easily be set by twist lock leg grips, which combined with anti-rotation leg sections enable fast and fumble-free set-up. Specifications Material Aluminum Load Capacity 39.68b(18kg) Maximum Height 64"(162.5cm) Closed Length 21.3"(54cm) Leg Sections 4 Leg Lock Type Twist Thread Size Foot: 3/8"-16 Head Mount 3/8"-16 and 1/4"-20 Weight 2.1lb(1.1kg) Max. Leg Pipe Diameter 32mm Min. Leg Pipe Diameter 20mm Package Included 1 x Benro A38TD Aluminum Monopod, 2 x Wrench, 1 x Carry Box
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