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bad company live at wembley blu ray купить по лучшей цене

After wowing audiences all around the globe on the #1 grossing 2008 Lost Highway World Tour, the legendary Bon Jovi finally return home to rock New York City to its very core. A concert 25 years in the making, featuring a truly epic career-spanning set of hits including Have A Nice Day. It's My Life. Wanted Dead Or Alive and Livin' On A Prayer. Witness the incredible Bon Jovi live experience in spectacular high definition and surround sound - Live At Madison Square Garden. Tracklist: 01. Lost Highway 02. Born To Be My Baby 03. Blaze Of Glory 04. It's My Life 05. Keep The Faith 06. Raise Your Hands 07. Living In Sin/Chapel Of Love 08. Always 09. Whole Lot Of Lovin' 10. In These Arms 11. We Got It Going On 12. I'll Be There For You 13. (You Want To) Make A Memory14. Blood On Blood 15. Dry County 16. Have A Nice Day 17. Who Says You Can't Go Home 18. Hallelujah 19. Wanted Dead Or Alive 20. Livin' On A Prayer 21. You Give Love A Bad Name 22. Runaway 23. Bed Of Roses

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