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autotoolhome 10pc cnc cutter pcb print circuit board carbide micro drill bits tool end milling 0 3mm to 1 2 mm купить по лучшей цене

Description: Universal 0-14mm Black Professional Reaming Knife Drill Tool Edge Reamer Material: Stainless Steel Weight: 51G Color: Black Handle Diameter: 14mm Handle Length: 51mm Total Length: 103mm Scope: Drill hole for frame and structure of model, plastic board or carbon plate,also can be used in all kinds of plastic,glass fiber,iron,bamboo,etc. Features: Professional 0-14mm reaming knife,cut through car and helix body shells with ease. Also great for resizing props. Much better than scissors and allows you to make the perfect hole size. Stainless steel, high quality and durable,very comfortable handle. Small size, light weight, easy carry. Package included: 1x 0-14mm Reaming Knife
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