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automatic water level control solution of an overhead tank for housing купить по лучшей цене

The major problem in urban and rural areas are the fluctuations in power supply and because of that maximum farmer are facing problem of burning the pumping motors frequently. Water saving is another issue of society so keep in mind these problems we have design a protection unit in such a way that these problems can be overcome. In this work we have implemented a logic unit by using sensors that unit is used to sense the flow of water, water level in tank and condition of motor. According to the output of sensors, the controller will work and take a decision of water flow for empty or full tank. It also protects AC motor from fluctuation in power without manual control. The main objective of this work was to save human labor as well as wastage of water and burning of motor due to fluctuation in power, by providing automatically ON and OFF control to the motor. Hence we can say that it give the complete auto control to motor for water saving as well as motor protection.
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