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auto car door logo projector welcome light laser ghost shadow lamp for bmw 5series e39 e53 x5 z8 e52 m performan car accessories купить по лучшей цене

5W LED Door Welcome Emblems Light With Car Logo for BMW Special Description: Mode Door Welcome Emblems Light With Car Logo Wattage 5W Valtage DC 12V Color Temperature 6000K Years 60000Hours Colors White Light Source LED Item Length 5.2cm Item Weight 80g Feature: 1. Maintenance Free, Easy Installation, no need to drill hole. 2. Shockproof (High Shock / Vibration Resistant) 3. Built-in Current Limiting Resistors. 4. Long life. The theoretical data is more than 100, 000 hours. 5. Designed to work in negative ground vehicles. 6. Low Power Consumption; Saving energy and environment protection. 7. The energy of LED is 1/10 of the traditional halogen lamp. 8. High Intensity. 9. Eco-Label, Major Power Savings. 10. Major Reduction in, Heat Generation. 11. High ability of shock resistant; Brighter light; Low temperature. 12. Super white lighting provides a high level of road safety at night driving. 13. Pure color with nice appearance. Application: NEW 3 Series 2013 NEW 7Series 2009~2013 NEW 5 Series 2011~2013 7 Series 2003~2008 6 Series 2007~2011 5 Series 2004~2009 GT 2010~2013 X1 new; X3 new; X5 new; X6 new Kindly Reminder: 1. Do not disassemble any bulbs by yourself. 2. Be sure to cut the power off before beginning installation to avoid personal injury. 3. Please make sure that the light bulb is suitable for your needs. Package Include: One Pair of Door Welcome Emblems Lights With Car Logo
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