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anton pavlovich chekhov the witch and other stories купить по лучшей цене

Tennessee Williams praised Anton Chekhov's THE SEAGULL as "the first and greatest modern play." Williams's love for Chekhov began in college and lasted his entire life-in their work, both playwrights were deeply concerned with exploring the inner lives of closely bound groups of characters; both mixed the comedy and tragedy of daily life with lyric intensity. THE NOTEBOOK OF TRIGORIN reveals the complexities and burdens of family relationships. Williams brings Chekhov's characters' tangled stories to light with masterful dia­logue: Constantine struggles with his unrequited love for Nina and resentment for his mother, Madame Arkadina; Arkadina desperately tries to hold onto her youth and her lover, Trigorin; Trigorin begins an affair with the young Nina that has disastrous consequences.

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