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an investigation into the practice of english language teaching купить по лучшей цене

Teaching English as a first language may not be that tough and challenging as the teaching of English as a second/foreign language. As a matter of fact, the pedagogues started taking much interest in this field, and the concepts like TESOL,CELTA, DELTA etc emerged in the area of teaching even in the native places like the UK. The present book, though has a main focus on the teaching aspects especially related to the context of Saudi Arabia, it is expected to offer a modest but useful contribution to the teaching/learning situations in the countries like Jordan, Qatar, Oman, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, Libya,Malaysia, Pakistan,Bangladesh,India and many other countries where Arabic is not the L1 yet enjoys an important status. The book will also be helpful for the second language teachers/researchers in the places like China, Germany, France, Russia, Nigeria and similar states. The book is a nice combination of theoretical perspectives, popular approaches/methods, difficulties faced by the target learners, causes of such difficulties, linguistic analysis of those causes, and possible application of certain compatible strategies.

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