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agents of mayhem steelbook edition [ps4] купить по лучшей цене

Students interested to learn concepts and applications of cognitive computing and in turn apply it to e-commerce may refer this work. Concept of software agents in particular cognitive agents is presented comprehensively. Of the four cognitive agent architectures, Belief Desire Intention( BDI), the most popular, that has roots in philosophy and offer a logical theory which defines the mental attitudes of belief, desire and intention using modal logic when applied in all stages of bidding is presented. BDI Architecture to discover the active auction services and to build a repository of services for the use of mobile E-customers is explained as first phase of bidding. This is followed by the identification of relevant auctions for electronic product purchases from a set of active (or available) auctions for the desired products using cognitive agents. Role of cognitive agents in predicting final price is expressed as third phase of this work. Finally the intelligent behavior of cognitive agents while participating intelligently on behalf of human bidders is described.

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