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Library Associations play a vital role in the development of librarianship. These provide a forum for sharing professional ideas and experiences to find out the solution of professional problems. Library associations promote the status and education of librarians, offer certificate in librarianship, support the librarians and take care of librarian’s affairs, struggle for their basic rights i.e. pay scale, salary, professional recognitions, work to improve the working conditions in libraries, support and promote research, offer letter of recognition, scholarships and awards for professional development. A study was conducted to evaluate the role of Pakistan Library Association (PLA) in the development of profession. The study also highlights the role of different International Library Associations in the development of profession. Results of the study show the current role of PLA in professional development. It explores the challenges for PLA and its members in professional uplifting. It ends by providing several recommendations in order to overcome professional challenges and to advance the profession of librarianship in Pakistan.
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