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adjustable carry on foot rest hammock for airplane train купить по лучшей цене

The Mini Foot Hammock is designed specifically for resting your feet. It's free to fold and easy to carry, and it hooks onto either side of any desk with two clips. You're free to adjust the height between "work" and "rest" mode with high quality ropes. Lightweight and eco-friendly, suitable for use anywhere in the suspension, such as home, office, outdoors. Relax your feet A healthy and comfortable way to relax your feet and relieve your fatigue. Adjustable length You can adjust the length of the the rope from 200 mm to 450 mm. Easy to install It hooks onto either side of any desk with two metallic clips. Durable DesignAllows you to make comfortable position putting your foot on it. Application Can be installed under desk with slings hung on the desk feet when you're at home, office or taking a trip. Intallation and usage 1. Hang both rings on the right and the left of the desk respectively. 2. Adjust the length of cotton rope with a stopper mounted in the rope. 3. Insert the cotton rope to clasping part of ring mounted in the desk. 4. Make comfortable position putting your foot quietly on the foot suppot after having a seat. 5. If the adjustment of foot position is necessary, pull or push the ring toward your body. 6. If the adjustment of foot height is necessary, control the cotton rope length with a stopper. Specification Type Foot hammock Material Canvas Size of Cape 66.0 L x 15.5 W cm Load Capacity 50KG Occasion Home, Others, Office Weight 400g Package Included 1 x Mini Foot Hammock, 2 x Rope, 2 x Ring, 2 x Wooden Srick, 2 x Stopper
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