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Annually, tons of cellulosic waste is generated in urban areas in the form of newspaper, office paper etc. The present study was conducted for isolation of cellulolytic bacteria and to analyze their efficiency towards decomposition of cellulose urban waste that is newspaper. Isolation of potential cellulolytic bacteria and their ability to produce enzymes CMCase, FPase and ?- glucosidase were studied. Cellulose is the basic structural material of plant cell wall, and as a result is the most plentiful carbohydrate that exists in environment. In the present study cellulose degrading bacterial isolate LC1 was isolated from decaying wood. Phenotypic characterization revealed that LC1 gram positive isolate belong to genus Bacillus cereus under accession number KC510288. Applicability of cellulolytic isolate LC1 was observed on one of cellulose urban waste i.e newspaper. This book, therefore, provides novel scopes and useful applications of microbes in industrial biotechnology, consequently waste will be managed and cellulase enzyme produced from these bacteria can be utilized for different biotechnological purposes conditions which will improve our environment and economy.
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