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a colder kind of death купить по лучшей цене

This is a play about a man who sets out to kill death and thereby deliver us all from the kind of loss he was suffering from: the death of one''s beloved. A quite brief discussion with death seems to be enough to at least quiet the storm in the man''s grieving heart and a philosophical discussion then follows. Along he way Man begins to entertain second thoughts about the guilty verdict he passed on Death. Man''s trouble has to do with mortality, the sad part of thinking about a life that ends in sure death, and when Death tells Man that all that death takes away from man is life, he becomes the more baffled—disturbed by the thought that Man is nothing but a plaything completely subservient to the whims of death, which could take away life; and life, which could depart from man at will. Man later dares both of them; challenging both to do (i.e) fly or take off at either one''s will, Only Nature''s court could turn Man around and bring him back to his senses by putting things in one of the most gratifying light so much so that Man could be convinced that dead or alive he is destined to persist in Nature''s Eternal Cuddle.

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