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95 240v 16a thermostat smart controller heating type lcd digital heating room sensor temperature humidity heat time display купить по лучшей цене

video This Floor Heating Thermostat can not only make your living environment more comfortable, but also can drive down home energy costs, which is suitable for electric heating equipment and water heating system of electric heating. Adopts the latest single-chip computer control technology and fire-resistant material, reliable and safe to use. Backlit LCD ScreenThree backlit color including blue/green/white for you to choose, which enables you to read the numbers clearly and clean easily. Adopts the Latest Single-Chip Computer Control TechnologyHigh reliability and powerful anti-jamming, it will meet your picky demands. Preset Temperature Function It will start or stop the specified object automatically according to your preset temperature. Dual Modes Supported The user can choose manual mode or full automatic mode according to their needs. Multiple Time Modes It can be set multiple time modes, including 5+2/6+1/7days, you can choose proper mode according to your actual situation. Functions Provide you comfortable living environment and save your home energy cost. Built-in CR1220 3V Battery It can work continuously even the power was cut off. Specifications TypeFloor Heating Thermostat Backlight ColorWhite/Blue/Green (Optional) Material Fire-Resistant ABS Internal Sensor Measurement Range 0-40 Deg.C Setting Range 5-35 Deg.C (Factory Settings: 25 Deg.C) External Sensor Measurement Range 0-99 Deg.C Setting Range 5-95 Deg.C (Factory Settings: 50 Deg.C) Inside Sensor NTC B=3380 10k @25 Deg.C Extra Sensor NTC B=3380 10k @25 Deg.C, length=3m (Optional) Display Type LCD Display Resolution 0.1 Deg.C Setting Unit 0.5 Deg.C/step The Maximum Switch Power 2A/16A Battery TypeBuilt-in CR1220 3V Battery Power Supply 85-250VAC 50/60 Hz Product Weight 209g Package Weight246g Product Size8.6L x 8.6W x 4.2H cm Package Contents 1 x Thermostat, 1 x Cable, 2 x Screws, 1 x English User Manual
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