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50pcs naierdi mini bronze gold hinge square antique door hinges for wooden cabinet drawer jewellery box furniture hardware купить по лучшей цене

For this exclusive collection of postcards, David Bailey (born 1938), one of the world’s most distinguished and distinctive photographers, has chosen a selection of images from his archive--some familiar, others previously unseen. This box of 36 portraits, reminiscent of Bailey’s acclaimed Box of Pin-Ups (1965), demonstrates the extraordinary range of people that he has captured during his long career--many of them famous, some anonymous, all of them unforgettable. Beautifully presented in a gift box with a drawer and an acetate slipcase, Bailey’s Box of Postcards includes portraits of celebrities such as Michael Caine, Jean Shrimpton, Marianne Faithful, Patti Smith, Bob Dylan, Damon Albarn, David Bowie, Jack Nicholson, Man Ray, Salvador Dalí, Jane Birkin, Vivienne Westwood, Beyoncé and Desmond Tutu.
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