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3 in1 special rear view camera wireless receiver mirror monitor parking system for ford ecosport 2013 2015 купить по лучшей цене

Android Car Rear View Mirror camera with 5 inch capacitive touch screen GPS Navigation built in as well as a rotatable Dash Camera DVR system Bluetooth Headset and Wi-Fi receiver. Rear view mirror fitting right over your old this mirror is an ultra-high tech car Android gadget and super easy to install! In a world where our Phones TVS Fridges and even watches run Android the Car Rear View Mirror camera Monitor could not stay behind. R153 can be recording video playing music connecting to your phone through Bluetooth guiding you to your destination but you'll be adding the Android operating systems are able to play games surf the Internet on your choice of Mobile Browsers and download direct from the Google Play ever more functions. Allwinner A10 Cortex A8 processor and at the moment is running fast and a true pleasure and multitasking your apps! What's more thanks to the built-in 5-inch capacitive touch screen the R153 will give you an experience no other touch screen control rear view mirror has to offer. Doubling as a dash cam the built-in camera will record the road in front of you for your safety and you could even go to the movies Rotate the camera 350 degrees inside the car and with 8GB of internal memory which can be boosted to 32GB via a Micro SD card you have a car built in DVR that will record hours of HD footage at 720p. Lost in the urban jungle? No problem! Just turn on the "Shift's" GPS function and drive to your destination with ease. Using the provided Bluetooth earpiece you'll even be able to hold hands free calls and charging directly into the mirror's charging dock you won't have to worry about your earpiece running out of battery.
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