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2pcs new 60w 2 way crossover filters two speaker system audio frequency divider купить по лучшей цене

Letv wireless TV subwoofer, crisp, crystal-clear sound, music is available at every corner of your home. Bluetooth Transmitter Portable Wireless Transmitter for TV audio speaker. One-button Control Simple one-button control provides a hassle-free Bluetooth experience. Stereo Sound Output High performance stereo sound output, making you feel like finding yourself in the movie or football match. No Disturbing If you like to watch movie or matches in the night sometimes, this is what you need. Connect the transmitter with your TV and you can listen to the sound without disturbing the companion sleeping by your side. Bluetooth Protocol Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, A2DP V1.5,AVRCP V1.4. Specification Name TV Speaker Brand Letv Model LT301 Power 25Wx2 + 60W Frequency 75Hz - 20KHz SNR ≥70dB Bluetooth Protocol Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, A2DP V1.5,AVRCP V1.4 Bluetooth Receive Distance ≥10m Subwoofer Transmission Distance ≥10m Subwoofer Power 60W Noise Max SPL92dB Pronunciation Unit 2"x4 (medium-frequency) + 1.25"x2(high-frequency) + 6.5"(low-frequency) Audio Input 3.5MM, RCA stereo, Optical fiber, coaxial, HDMI, Bluetooth EQ Modes TV, movie, music Metal SOC chip, DSP chip support Dolby Digital decode Compatibility Super3, Super4 all-in-one TV series Product Weight 12500g Controller Size 985L x 54W x 40H mm Speaker Size 250L x 165W x 327H mm Package Contents 1 x Letv TV Speaker, 1 x Controller
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