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2088 ss16 ss30 nail art rhinestones crystal ab flatback glue on non hotfix glass rhinestone for diy nail decorations купить по лучшей цене

Nail Art Image Printing Plate Polish Stamping Template DIY Tips Design Features: The Nail Art Image Printing Plate Polish Stamping Template DIY Tips Design is great for Both Professional Nail Specialist or Nail Art Learner. It Make Your Nails Look Elegance and Special. Compatible with Both Natural and Artificial Nails and Easy to Apply. Also could be Used to Decorate Your Home, Cell Phone Case, Invitation Card, Body Art etc. Can be used with nail polish, UV gel or acrylic nail, etc. Description: Item Type: Nail Image Stamping Template Condition: New Material: Steel Plate Style: XY11, XY13, XY14 Size: About 10.5 CM X 14.5 CM Each Image Size: About 1.3 CM X 1.6 CM Weight: About 49g Package Included: 1 X Nail Image Stamping Template How to use: 1. Apply base coat or regular polish on your nail. 2. Apply special nail polish on image plate. (Please use Solid Color Nail Polish. And the texture is thicker than regular nail polish.) 3. Scrape off polish quickly and strongly from inside to outside. 4. Immediately stamp the image to pick up the design. The image is transferred on the stamp. 5. Stamp the image onto your nail with a gentle rolling motion. The image is transferred on your nail. 6.For lasting wear, apply top coat slightly and quickly on the surface of your nail.
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