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2 0 bar 30 psi auto car tire pressure monitor valve stem caps sensor indicator alert diagnostic tools kits 4pcs купить по лучшей цене

Brand ORO Quantity 1 piece(s) Color Black + grey Type Tire Pressure Gauge Function It is mainly used in car moving to real-time monitor and alarm if tire pressure is too low or too high rapid leakage tire temperature is too high for the tire and battery voltage is too low to provide motorists information to effectively maintain adequate tire pressure and prevent tire failure accident Pressure Range 0~87psi Accuracy +/- 1 psi Screen Size 2" Other Features Real time battery voltage monitoring in order to prevent the vehicle be break down caused by battery; Show 4 Tires information at same time clear and easy to control; 24hrs real time and be monitored before driving the car; New technology wide display design make your vehicle more luxury. Changeable color LED with automatic bright adjustment function; Warning with voice and lighting simultaneously by green/red light to acknowledge tire normal or abnormal situation; Military spec. battery with 7 years life; Automatic detecting on low battery tire sensor to remind the driver to change the tire sensor; Exclusive rapidly tire deflate warning system to be easier be acknowledged tire information; Separate Valve stem design no need to change the tire sensor while change the valve stem; Windshield Holder for display use. Packing List 1 x Rearview monitor 1 x Car charger (350cm) 4 x Transmitter module 4 x Valve (with screws) 1 x English user manual
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