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15pcs lot magnetic control reed switch normally open 2 14mm green glass reed switches glass contact for sensors mka14103 купить по лучшей цене

1. Dry-reed compact low weight can be installed in extremely limited space the device is very suitable for miniaturization. 2. The dry-reed switch components are hermetically sealed in an inert gas atmosphere is never in contact with the external environment and long working life. 3. Dry reed pipe does not use the sliding element it will not appear in all metal-related metal fatigue phenomenon downgrading to ensure virtually no limit mechanical life. 4. The reed switch in the phone PBX photocopiers washing machines refrigerators cameras disinfection cabinet door window magnetic electromagnetic relays electronic weighing level gauge gas meter water meter and so on have been very good application. Reed Caution: 1. Cut or bent reed lead foot must be extremely careful to avoid undue stress leaving the glass - metal seals were damaged. Appropriate clamping of the tool must be used 2. Encountered temperatures and long exposure time might cause the glass - metal seal damage (cracking leaks etc.) and therefore must be fast and reliable welding technology (process). Recommended soldering conditions: when hand soldering 280'C~300'C Wave Solder 250'C~300'C
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