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This monograph covers basic aspects of the phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics of Guren? (Gur, Niger-Congo) language. The work of a native speaker, it is written in accessible language,perfect for beginners,university and college students, the general researcher,and all other non-specialists who are interested in learning some basic information about the Gur languages in general and Guren? in particular. This book provides important insights into some of the interesting morphological features of the verb in the Guren? (Gur Niger-Congo) language. It outlines and presents the information in a very straightforward and concise manner, and will be a valuable resource for linguists interested in verb typology. The structure of the verb, its phrase, derivational and inflectional suffixes,morphemes,stems,and roots are discussed.An under-studied feature of Gur languages is their use of verb particles to perform various kinds of grammatical functions within the verb phrase.This monograph presents the first detailed description and discussion of such a system.Up-to-date sociolinguistic information is also presented.
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