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елена анатольевна васильева english verb tenses for lazybones купить по лучшей цене

This book focuses on Compex predicates or light verb constructions in Persian. It covers a large body of the Persian complex predicates and attempts to account for them in a systematic way. It is argued that light verbs combine with non-predicative elements and constitute idiom-like Non-compositional Light Verb Constructions with a single a-structure originally belonging to the whole constructs. Also, Light Verbs co-occur with predicative process nouns, and form Compositional Light Verb Constructions comparable to Korean and Japanese ones. Although every complex predicate may be broken by some items, only process noun preverbs may expand into DPs capable of undergoing certain syntactic rules. In Compositional Light Verb Constructions, Light Verbs with an Initiatory role, capable of assigning accusative case, may appear in unergative or transitive complex verbs, Light Verbs with a Transition role can only form unaccusative Light Verb Constructions and Light Verbs with a Stative role may form transitive or intransitive Light Verb Constructions depending on the preverb type. The book is useful for those interested in syntax-semantics interface, argument structure and lexical aspect.
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