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Блог велопутешествий - велотуризм, велоновости, веломаршруты, фотоотчеты, велосипед и медицина, помощь в выборе и ремонте Вашего двухколесного друга )


елена анатольевна васильева english verb tenses for lazybones купить по лучшей цене

Based on hundreds of real emails, "Email English" deals systematically with key language for constructing effective and convincing emails in English. basics, including opening and closing emails, giving information, making requests, arranging meetings and checking understanding, specific situations, such as negotiating, asking for payment and dealing with a supplier or customer, skills such as describing business trends, relating cause and effect and reporting, general grammar problems, for instance, sentence structure, verb forms, comparison, punctuation... communication styles: formal and informal, direct and indirect, ways of seeming more friendly. In addition to clear presentations of language, "Email English" contains a wealth of practice activities, all of which can be used for self study or with a teacher in class. Phrase bank. The "Email English" phrase bank provides over 500 key expressions for structuring emails effectively. These are organized by topic and purpose, reflecting the syllabus of the book. The phrase bank is invaluable both as a study resource and as a handy reference when writing real emails.
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